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The lands of Sardona are vast and diverse. The continent spans nearly 2700 miles of forests, plains, mountains, deserts, and marshlands. Once seemingly united under a single empire, the continent is now divided into three national identities and a loose confederation of tribal territories.

Each country is governed by a different set of politics and economics, and none hold enough military might to attempt to pull the others under a single national umbrella. Yet the powers that hold sway in each land jealously covet the opportunities and successes of their neighbors. The peace that has endured for centuries between these countries is always a diplomatic misstep away from crumbling into dust.

However ardently the wealthy and powerful may hope to rule the lands of Sardona, they do not hold sway over the blight of undeath that has swept across the land. Dark forces have risen across the continent; remnants of powers long past. These forces have taken root and will not be easily driven out. Only the strongest wills and the bravest hearts hope to stand against the coming storm.

Home Page

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